Crazy Leo Announces World Rally Championship Campaign

Canadian Rally Championship regular 'Crazy Leo' Urlichich has secured a spot in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy, a series that will play out over five WRC events this season.

Crazy Leo will be trading in his much loved 2007 Subaru 'Beast' for a front wheel drive Ford Fiesta R2 against other top young drivers from Europe and around the world. These include highly touted British driver Tom Cave, Jose Suarez, and Quentin Gilbert, as well as Max Vatanen, the son of WRC legend Ari Vatanen.

"I'm feeling extremely happy, but also a little bit tired" he remarked, "We didn't have the funding lying around and it wasn't easy to make it happen. It's almost like the end of a rally where you get to the finish line and adrenalin drops: you're tired but happy."

After many months of searching for sponsors willing to fund his transition to the World Rally Championship, Crazy Leo finally found a group of supporters who were able to provide the necessary financial backing. In addition to the continued support of his North American team, Can-Jam Motorsports, Urlichich is proud to be partnering with the New Hampshire-based Team O'Neil Rally School, as well as other sponsors which he promises to announce when everything is finalized.

"Partnering with Team O'Neil Rally School is really amazing!" Leo exclaimed, "To be working with a group of people that are in the business of producing rally champions is a huge opportunity for me. It's one thing to get sponsored, but it's a different thing entirely when people like Team O'Neil have confidence in you."

Urlichich's most recent CRC event saw him win 11 out of 13 stages at the Rally of the Tall Pines, before mechanical difficulties forced him to retire. Tall Pines was also the site of Crazy Leo's first-ever rally victory in 2011. And the Russian-born Canadian hopes that his success at Tall Pines will translate into further success in his first WRC event, Rally Portugal.

"I've always wanted Portugal to be my first WRC event" he admitted, "Apparently, it's a lot like Tall Pines with lots of blind corners and large crests. It reminds me of Tall Pines in that it's a place where good pacenotes will really shine. It's a rally at which I hope that notes will give me a bit of an advantage compared to the events, which allow more visibility of the bends."

The Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy begins on April 3rd in Portugal, and continues with four more European rounds (Poland, Finland, Germany and France) over the course of the WRC season. Participants drive identical Ford Fiesta R2 rally cars prepared by M-Sport. The championship winner will receive a seven round season in WRC2 driving a Ford Fiesta R5 in 2015.

Confirmed Drivers - Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy:

Leo Urlichich, 28, Canada

Nicolas Amiouni, 24, Lebanon

Tom Cave, 22, UK

Ghislain De Mevius, 25, Belgium

Quentin Gilbert, 24, France

Szymon Kornicki, 31, Poland

Yeray Lemes, 26, Canary Islands

Sander Parn, 21, Estonia

Allan Popov, 27, Russia

Nils Solans, 21, Spain

Jose Suarez, 23, Spain

Max Vatanen, 23, Finland